Saturday, 5 December 2020

 The theme of today's meeting was messengers and angels.

the first photograph is of an Oxford token issued for John Tey at the Angel pub in High Street and a rather nice Henry VII angel. 

The next is another gold coins. These were issued by Charles I and his son Charles II of Anjou who was king of Naples and Sicily. The ones issued by his son are much rarer. They both issued a saluto d’argento which are silver coins with similar designs. The word salute means greeting in Italian and refers to the Angel’s message to Mary which he begins by saying “Hail”.  The legend is AVE GRACIA PLENA DOMINUS TECUM which means Hail (you who are) full of grace, The Lord (is) with you.

The lily between them is both a symbol of purity and of the French royal house. The arms on the other side are those of the house of Anjou with the heraldic fleur de lys and the arms of the kingdom of Jerusalem. The engraver was Giovanni Fortino, 1266–1278

Lastly we have some medallions commemorating the French invasion of Wales in 1797.

Thanks to Charles Riley for first and last photos. 

Middle Photo: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.

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