Tuesday, 13 October 2020

 The theme for the next meeting is collecting ancient coins by theme, or how to collect ancient coins.  The classical world is so large and overwhelming, where does a collector begin? Books on these coins can be expensive and difficult to get hold of or do not cover the series sufficiently widely. 

here are some suggestions, 

  1. Get  Marc Antony Legionary issues or the military types of Gallienus
  2. Collect lifetime portraits of the twelve Caesars, or the Five Good Emperors, or those from the Year of the Five Emperors
  3. Get all bust types for one emperor
  4. All the coins depicting the Circus Maximus or a bridge, boat, camp gates or captives.
  5. Get coins featuring Britannia
  6. Collect coins of female rulers
  7. Get one of each recurring reverse, such as Liberalitas, Pax or Consecratio
  8. Or just get anything that is interesting and you like!
Good advice, stick to a theme, although to be honest I have never followed it!