Sunday, 27 November 2016

ONS Winter  Programme 2016/2017

this is the slightly revised program  

10th December          Egypt and the Sudan

The Mad Mahdi and all that

14th January              Turkey and Asia Minor 

            Before during and after the Ottoman Empire

18th February                        Bulgaria and the Balkans

            The history of these less well known places

18th March                 USA

            The colonial history to the mighty dollar

15th April                    Mint marks

            Why have mint marks? Romans to now.

13th May                     Random exotic countries never been to but would like to visit

            Money no object .

17th June                   The British Commonwealth

            Why did colonies have their own coins and not just use British issues?

15th July                     Ecclesiastical coinages

Coins issued by Bishops, Archbishops, Popes, communion tokens, and tokens for Church of England bazaars.

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