Sunday, 20 November 2016

Horses on coins

November’s meeting was on the subject of horses on coins. Horses do not appear often on Roman coins but they are to be found pulling bigas (the two horse chariot) or the quadriga with four. this series was later copied in 20th Century Italy. The horse are well represented on Celtic coins who worshiped Epona, the god horse god. Ancient Indian coins often show mounted rulers as does a rare copper coin from Norman Sicily

here is an illustration of some coins with horses. we start with a Seventeenth Century token from Hatfield Hertfordshire which Robert Barnard used for his George and Dragon inn. 

Next a copper jeton of Charles V as Duke of Austria and Burgundy.

We meet George and his Dragon again on a penny token from Upper Canada in 1854. then a silver check or medal from Doncaster Races dated in 1800. there are other pieces with D & G on them. Perhaps it was a betting firm. then back to George again on a 1935 silver crown to celebrate the Jubilee.

Staying with George but moving a few thousand miles east to Russia with a 1761 copper kopeck of Elizabeth. 

our last two coins are from Germany. A two thirds thaler of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 1789 and then a 12 marien-groschen of Brunswick-Luneburg 168

Surprisingly no-one brought a coin with the reverse of one and the obverse of another to a talk on horses. (A mule!)

our next meeting theme is Egypt

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