Saturday, 18 July 2020

The theme today is civil war and revolution.

The first two coins are from the French city of Strasbourg and are dated 1815. One has N for Napoleon and the other L for Louis and were emergency coins of necessity made from bell money. The city changed hands and hence the two different initials but otherwise the design did not change much.  I bought these for £2.50 each in 2002 which was quite a bargain.
The next coin commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Algerian revolution. Then we have a coin marking the failed Turkish coup in 2016 and lastly a coin revolutionary Iran.

It is hard to find a country that has not had a civil war or revolution. Chile, Norway and Sweden are possible contenders. 

What coins would you choose to link with this theme? The American Civil War tokens and coins from the English Civil War? Revolutionary France. I am not sure if there are any coins from the Swiss Civil War.
there are any coins which come from regions resulting from conflict. Korean coins, north Cyprus, Vietnam to name a few.

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