Monday, 26 August 2019

Penny for your thoughts – penny quiz with answers

The letters KN and H stand for King’s Norton and Ralph Heaton Metal Co.  
They were used on Twentieth Century pennies in 1912, 1918 and 1919

No pennies were minted in 2018-19. The last year that no 1p coins were produced was 1972.

Edward VII faces left and George V and George VI face right on pennies.

The change to the inscription of pennies in 1983 was from New Penny to One Penny
Pretty penny means something which is costly.

The main design on reverse of Australian, New Zealand and South African pre decimal pennies is Kangaroo, Tui (a bird) and the Drommedaris which was one of ships that Jan van Riebeeck 

When was first copper penny struck in England was 1797.

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