Saturday, 21 April 2018

The company you keep.

These are three copper coins I bought last Saturday for the princely sum of £9.00. "I was robbed" do you say?"

The first time you look the bottom coin seems to be a fairly common copper 1 Kreuzer and on a second glance so it is - but it has the inscription FRIEDENS FEIER which refers to the Prussian victory over the French in the Franco-Prussian War. so that makes interesting.

the top right is a standard coin from the Vatican. I always find this series interesting. the left one is a bit of a mystery. It was sold with a quite nice large copper coin from Sicily and it was a fair bet that it is Italian as well. It is not in good condition but you can just about see the arms of the kingdom of Jerusalem  on left and kingdom of Sicily. the obverse has the armoured bust of a king.

I have another copper of Sicily which was struck by one of the Spanish Philips. both have very irregular flans. the other one is virtually hexagonal. I dont know why; perhaps they were struck in a hurry or were not bothered if the coins were circular or not.

Not bad for £9.00

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